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Anabolic Circle Cycle Kit

Anabolic Circle Cycle Kit

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Click Here For The Anabolic Circle Cycle Guidelines

Complete the anabolic circle with the superiority of multi-hormonal pathway compounds. The Anabolic Circle Cycle offers all three (3) revolutionary AMS prohormones plus the best PCT and liver reset on the market!

  • 1 Mass Drops(TM)
  • 1 4-AD RDe(TM)
  • Arom-X RDe(TM)
  • Super Cycle(TM)

5 Stars
Stack of the Gods!!
This is hands down the best cycle i have ever used. First i want to talk about the strength increase, holy shit i didn't know i could get this strong!! The circle cycle kit just blew my pr's away!! The best part was using the full cycle kept all of my gains. I was extremely excited when i finished the post cycle and was still repping 315 for 12 reps on bench. ( before i was only getting it 5) Another plus it that i felt safe using this kit. I felt as if using the kit like it's suppose to be used, following every specific directions, then there really isn't much danger. Lastlybi put on almost a full 14 pounds of muscle, not thats is amazing. Thanks AMS, for making products that are trustworthy and reliable.
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Reviewed by:  from AZ. on 3/22/2013
5 Stars
Hads down the best kit
This is the best stack you can get made by one company. I loved the results and I will be doing it again. I ran it with 3500 Cals with 330 Pro 300 Carb and 100 Fat and I came out with 15 lbs of mass. Great stuff
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 4/1/2013
5 Stars
Great Gains for the price
This stack is everything you need to make sick gains..Strength Confidence, and the right PCT to get you back and help you keep what you gain,My strength went through the roof while on this stack and Its been a a couple of months and Im quite close to where left off and I gained 11 lbs of Muscle that felt like depleted uranium...just waiting to do this stack again from a top notch company that puts the customer first
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Reviewed by:  from Creston. on 3/24/2013
5 Stars
First of all let me start by saying what a wonderful company Advanced Muscle Science is! Super fast shipping and customer service is 100% on top of anything you need. I must say that I can't wait to run another cycle of AMS Anabolic Circle Cycle. The mass drops were my favorite thing to use during this cycle it was nice to have a liquid for a change and not have to wait for the tablets to dissolve. Strength was off the hook to say the least...I felt like I could lift a house and had energy to spare. Set 2 personal goals on dead lift and Bench. Taste was not bad wasn't bad at all but to each his own! I was bulking while using this cycle. Gained an impressive 8 1/4 pounds of lean mean muscle!!! Look its simple if you are looking for the edge to help push you to new heights in the gym....then look no further than AMS Anabolic Circle Circle. a Complete Cycle with all you need from World Class Pro hormones to cycle assist products like Super Cycle and Arom-x. Well what are you waiting for ??? that's right click add to cart and watch yourself GROW!!!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Salinas Ca. on 3/22/2013
5 Stars
Anabolic circle kit
Hey guys i jjust finished my stack like a month ago and I have to say ams has done it again the first week I started kind of lite and noticed my strength gradually grow by week two very noticeable no weights held me back at all,gained 10lbs of just solid mass my bench went up 45lbs my focus,aggression in the gym is awesome, cardio is at its best right now.ive tried other products and must say ams is on top of its game right now and I actually just started andro test stack I will always count on ams for top notch products.thank you
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Reviewed by:  from Murrietta ca.. on 4/4/2013

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